Mid-America Photographic Associations Council


Keeping the heartlands photographic associations in touch and working together.


Working together to promote continuing education opportunities such as the Mid-America Photography Symposium.


Bringing the regions photographers together in the spirit of friendly competition with the Ozark Photographic Challenge.

  • About the Mid-America Photographic Associations Council

    The Mid-America Photographic Associations council is a non-profit organization dedicated to the advancement of all things photographic in the Mid-America region of Arkansas, Kansas, Missouri, and Oklahoma. As an assembly of independent photographic groups MAPAC brings forth added benefit to member organizations through the promotion of joint activities, competition, continuing education and fellowship.

  • Our mission

    To promote social and educational programs for the benefit of member organizations with a mutual interest for the advancement of the art and science of photography in the Mid-America region.

  • What we see in future

    Some regional photographic councils are more than a hundred years old; however, MAPAC has been formed at a great time for the Mid-America region. An area of the country that was once separated by vast rural tracks it is truly only in the last few decades has both improved transportation and electronic media spanned the region and brought once isolated communities of photographers together. With increased access to photography via digital photography the demand for joint events such as the Mid-America Photography Symposium, and the Ozark Photographic Challenge will only increase. As a group the member organizations of MAPAC are able to bring their membership activities unavailable to them acting individually.